Start of construction on the O'Keefe Street project

The OKeefe Street project in Menlo Park started out, like any architectural project, with varied goals. The main stated goal was to expand the house, creating a larger Master Bath, Family Room, and an attached Granny unit. And, as usual, some of the unstated goals slowly came to light during the course of the project. During one of our meetings, their youngest daughter quietly came up to me and handed me this note:

More closet please.jpg

This project was developed in partnership with Mediterraneo Design Build. We worked closely together from the very beginning. Brian Emery, the MDB partner in charge of this project, participated in most of the meetings. Here's Fred and Brian enjoying tea during one of those meetings, courtesy of the kids.

2013-02-22 17.08.47.jpg

On all projects we do, the drawings are representation of the 3D model of the house. Various techniques are used to convey what the end result will look like, including sketches, live walk-throughs of the model, and various pictures generated from the model. Although true photo-realistic representation can be time consuming, here is an example of a quick & simple image generated for a design review.

render patio.png

Tree protection fencing is up just before demolition starts


The inevitable dumpster arrives


And into it went the back of the house and patio