Call Kurt

My client and I were walking the job and came upon this intriguing message on the back of the new window casing:


Being a full service Architect for my client, I called Kurt for him. Kurt answered. We had a nice conversation and exchanged relevant information. A week later, my client received his shirt:


And a picture of Kurt


And then Kurt called me. My shirt is on the way too!

Now of course I need to give them a shout-out. WindsorOne is the wood. Around here, you can find it at Beronio Lumber and The Moulding Company.

I should also add a brief note about their millwork. Much of WindsorOne's trim was designed by Brent Hull, whose book has been in my architectural library for ages.

On this project, our window and door casing is relatively simple. Here's the detail for the windows.

sill detail.jpg