What's with the Home page picture?

Edit 12/2015: The Home page picture has changed, but I'm still so totally fascinated by this picture below.

No, this is not my office. In my intern days, however, I did work in an environment similar to this with drafting tables and staff easily talking to each other as we developed projects. We worked in teams in an open studio, like today's tech firm's open environment.

Edit 12/2015: Okay, so maybe that was somewhat of an exaggeration. We didn't mingle that much and certainly didn't smoke pipes or otherwise. And rarely a tie. I did have one principal that wanted us to all wear smocks. Right... But we did all talk and share ideas together in a very serious collaborative open studio.

This photograph is from the Library Congress and was taken in 1944 of the Architects and draftsmen in the Rural Resettlement Office in Washington DC.

Here's the original from the archives.

arch office.jpg

Here are a few more pictures. 


The Rural Resettlement Office was at 2020 Massachusetts in Washington DC. This building is now the Embassy of The Republic of Indonesia